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Industrial construction projects can be a complex task with several co-operating factors. Such projects are investigated, and characterized by two main factors:
 The owner of the installation (the client organization) and the organization responsible for the
 engineering and installation of the construction related parts.

All aspects are complex, the focus therefore is on the relationship, in order to 
ensure completion and satisfaction.

How is coordination achieved, and how can disturbances be handled without delaying the progress of the project as a whole. A frame work distinguishing all areas is presented to understand the interrelationship better. Each of these areas must be paid attention to in order to control the complexities of these projects. This framework helps us understand the specific nature of bi-project management.

Implications for effective bi-project management are presented along with a number of potential areas for future research.

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Our customer’s rely on us to be there when they need us. From routine maintenance to critical power outages, our electricians know how to handle every situation and get you back up and running fast.

We provide on-call electrical systems maintenance and emergency repair to ensure your business runs smoothly. With highly knowledgeable and experienced personnel located throughout our service area, we are uniquely qualified to meet all of your service needs. From routine maintenance to emergency outages, you can count on our project managers to deliver thoughtful recommendations and our electricians to provide expert solutions.


We respond to all of your electrical needs no matter big or small. We place the same importance on all of our projects.

Our electricians specialize in complex, customer-focused projects and are here to help you achieve your facility’s goals in a cost-effective and timely manner. We focus on developing relationships and providing reliable answers to all of your electrical concerns.

Cestone Electric is a family-owned business and is a hardworking and skilled team. We’ve played a major role in designing and installing the electrical and technological infrastructure throughout New Jersey. With expertise in electrical, security systems, construction, and maintenance, our dedication to fresh thinking and ideas are woven throughout our brand.